Project 333, Part 2: Decluttering

So here is my closet before I did my Project 333 declutter:


That is actually the closet I share with That Weird Kid from the Gas Station. So half of that is his. Okay, a third. Okay, a quarter… anyway, some of that is his. With shoes and the sweaters on the shelf there, there are over 100 pieces of clothing in there that belong to me. I didn’t really make a plan or think about the weather. I just went in with an eye for getting rid of things that I don’t purely like or don’t fit or aren’t totally comfortable. Also, I knew that I would have to keep at least two or three long flowy skirts because there are some days when my sensory issues won’t let me wear anything binding or that sits on my skin.  So with my first go through I got down to 36 pieces including shoes. The shoes were the easy part when I focused on what I actually wear on not just what I like. I actually only wear three pairs of shoes. =) Then I just pulled three more tops that I wasn’t that excited about anyway. The man just had to toss a few things that he din’t really like or didn’t fit. We haven’t looked through his t-shirts but I think he’s pretty close to 33.

So after both of us went through all of our stuff, the closet looked like this:


The right half shows my 33 pieces except for a white t-shirt that’s in the laundry and the blue jeans and teal t-shirt I was wearing at the time. You also can’t see the three pairs of shoes I kept because they are blocked by this:


That’s the over 7 dozen pieces of clothing that I weeded out of my closet. And before we stuffed them into 9 bags (2 of those bags are just hangers), it looked like this:


And yeah, that puffy white thing on the left is my wedding dress in a bag. I took it to the thrift store. *sigh* I took it all to the thrift store this morning. So there’s no going back. Unless I want to go shopping.

Just kidding. =D

Project 333, Pt. 1: The Motivation

I have been trying to declutter for awhile. And by “trying to,” I mean, “thinking I should, but never made any move to.” I know that That Weird Kid from the Gas Station would feel better if we had less stuff. I always say that the clutter doesn’t affect me because I’ve never really felt the effects. But then it occurred to me that I have never actually lived in an environment that wasn’t just barely functional because of all the extra stuff. If you look at old pictures of anywhere I’ve ever lived, starting with my room in my parents’ house when I was a kid right up until the house I am sitting in right now, you will see shelves filled to the max, most if not all vertical surfaces completely covered. There is just stuff everywhere. And I have never really felt fully functional. Do I get stuff done? Yeah. Do I fulfill my obligations competently and thoughtfully? Yes. But I always feel like I’m just barely making it and what I do get done, I have to fight for tooth and nail.

So I want to see how it is to live in a less cluttered environment. I have been thinking that I should start with the living room because that is the space we use the most  and it is the most public. So it seemed like it would be the most impact. But now I am thinking that the most impact on me and, consequently, the rest of the family and house, would be in the bedroom. I am hoping that if I can wake up and not have to see a closet full of clothes that I only half like or can’t even wear on the wrong day, then maybe that will start the day off better. Maybe I will have more mental energy if the first and last place I see everyday is not full of dusty clutter. So I’m starting with my wardrobe.

This is another thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, I’ve just never been sure how, I guess. I declutter my closet periodically, but really I just get rid of the things that don’t fit or were a bad idea to begin with or are just falling apart. So I am going to do a thing called Project 333. You can read about it here: but the gist of it is that you take your wardrobe down to 33 items for 3 months. Those 33 items include outerwear, accessories and clothes that you wear out of the house. It doesn’t include underclothes, pajamas or work out clothes, assuming you only wear those clothes for their intended purposes. I am also not including “work clothes” which are the clothes I wear for messy projects like painting walls and gardening. In the next installment, I will show you the demolition of my wardrobe. It was so FUN! =D