Project 333, Part 2: Decluttering

So here is my closet before I did my Project 333 declutter:


That is actually the closet I share with That Weird Kid from the Gas Station. So half of that is his. Okay, a third. Okay, a quarter… anyway, some of that is his. With shoes and the sweaters on the shelf there, there are over 100 pieces of clothing in there that belong to me. I didn’t really make a plan or think about the weather. I just went in with an eye for getting rid of things that I don’t purely like or don’t fit or aren’t totally comfortable. Also, I knew that I would have to keep at least two or three long flowy skirts because there are some days when my sensory issues won’t let me wear anything binding or that sits on my skin.  So with my first go through I got down to 36 pieces including shoes. The shoes were the easy part when I focused on what I actually wear on not just what I like. I actually only wear three pairs of shoes. =) Then I just pulled three more tops that I wasn’t that excited about anyway. The man just had to toss a few things that he din’t really like or didn’t fit. We haven’t looked through his t-shirts but I think he’s pretty close to 33.

So after both of us went through all of our stuff, the closet looked like this:


The right half shows my 33 pieces except for a white t-shirt that’s in the laundry and the blue jeans and teal t-shirt I was wearing at the time. You also can’t see the three pairs of shoes I kept because they are blocked by this:


That’s the over 7 dozen pieces of clothing that I weeded out of my closet. And before we stuffed them into 9 bags (2 of those bags are just hangers), it looked like this:


And yeah, that puffy white thing on the left is my wedding dress in a bag. I took it to the thrift store. *sigh* I took it all to the thrift store this morning. So there’s no going back. Unless I want to go shopping.

Just kidding. =D

2 thoughts on “Project 333, Part 2: Decluttering

  1. i just did this myself. got rid of 4 BIG bags and a box of clothing.
    For you and any of your readers… do also check in your local area for specific organizations that help women (and men) get jobs. in my town its called career wardrobe. they help women return or enter the workforce.
    they always need work clothing, and they also run a small boutique thrift to raise funds so they can take other stuff too.

    there is one in most cities…


    • That’s a great idea for a place to send your gently used clothes. I don’t know if there’s one in Bellingham, but I’m pretty sure someone referred me to them when I was getting divorced a few years ago.


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