Summer Plans

So I have two more class meetings of BSF and then I have, basically, 16 weeks of summer break. Last year, I wanted to get a bunch of stuff done, but just having extra people in our house was so stressful to me that I only managed to do, well, nothing, really. So I think I want to have a goal in each of the three major roles of my life: Christian, wife/mother, person.

I think the best thing we can do to improve our walk with Christ is studying God’s word to know him better. I am not saying that’s the only thing that helps but I like to get right to the foundation of a thing and start from there. And, though there are other things you can do, studying God’s word is never a mistake. So I have two goals in this area: read the Bible and pray for an hour each day and get through a certain number of online Bible study classes over the three months. I don’t know how many yet. I have to figure that out in the next couple weeks before the break starts.

In the area of being a wife and mother, I want to get a routine down for my housework. I already have a routine down for the basics (dishes, laundry and – many days – dinner). I think I can do what I do now and add a household task to it everyday. Or figure out some routine with my BSF where I can get more housework done than I did this year. I think I’m going to treat my online study and Bible reading like BSF over the summer and use that to figure out how to work a housework routine around my BSF schedule.

Finally, as a person, I think my major goal is to get some writing done. I really enjoyed doing NaBloPoMo last fall. So I think I’m going to do that again except for the whole summer. Olga’s Blog Posting Summer. OlBloPoSum.


I am going to post every day for the whole BSF break. A post a day. More than that, I’m going to write every day. (Edit: I am going to write/work on my blog every day. I’m going to post as often as possible, or is expedient.)

I have a new keyboard to help me with my writing and my house has only the people in it that I am comfortable being in my house. I have two weeks to get prepared and sort of make plans while I finish up the end of BSF. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

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