Project 333, Summer Edition

333I converted my wardrobe over from Winter (what we had of it) to Summer. I am still doing the whole 333 thing. I only have 33 things in my closet. So my closet has 30 hangers in it and then I have 3 pairs of shoes.

In the picture, you can see most of my wardrobe. There are a few empty hangers which would normally contain the clothes I’m wearing and a few things that are in the laundry.

So here is my wardrobe list (pictured, from left):

1 black lined windbreaker jacket
3 zip front hoodies (fuschia, teal and mint green)
1 black Casting Crowns hooded sweatshirt
1 pair black skinny jeans
1 pair black leggings (laundry)
1 pair red and black plaid leggings (laundry)
6 skirts (red and brown print, orange, white sequined, coral and green print, black and white floral – not shown, black lace panels – not shown)
1 long multicolored sweater
1 Shirt dress – teal, white and grey color block
7 T shirts (orange, sea green, green paisley, oatmeal, white – laundry, black – not shown, Jason Gray concert tee)
2 long t shirts (black, grey)
4 long tank tops (green palm trees, pink tie dye, rainbow tie dye, orange batik)
1 dressy blouse – black with red, tan and white print
3 pairs of shoes (black ballet flats, black mary jane flats, red and black plaid Airwalks)

I have to say, I am really enjoying the whole dressing 333 thing. It’s awesome to just not think about clothes on a daily basis, but then to have kind of this fun puzzle every few months to rearrange and fit my clothing needs into just 33 pieces. It is a simple, pared-down wardrobe that never overwhelms me with choice. Plus, I know exactly how every piece of clothing in my closet is going to feel on any given day, because I wear them almost every week. That is a big bonus for my Sensory Processing Systems.

Another cool thing is that my closet is half empty. Now that my other family moved out, I will have a sewing room downstairs again. So I will move my sewing machine down there. I don’t really know what to do with the other half of my empty closet. Storage is always good. It’s an odd feeling to not know what to put in a space in my house. I am usually one of those with way too much stuff for the space I have.

What can you put in one half of a standard double wide bedroom closet? Maybe a bench and some hooks to hang clothes that are not ready for the laundry yet?  I have been looking for a valet type thing. Hmmm….Time for some planning. And maybe some Pinteresting! =D



Just kidding.

3HoursLaterHuh. If you go on Pinterest (or anywhere on the Internet) and look for closet remodel ideas, you will get, almost exclusively, ideas about how to use your closet space more wisely, pack more things in there, make more storage. There are hardly any ideas about how to use up a lot of closet space very inefficiently. Go figure.

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